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Application Porting

Porting and Compatibility Methodology

Migration of existing application from one platform to another. Migrating old legacy platform application to the new technologies like Angular JS, Node JS.

Orbital’s design team will choose between the following two possible porting methodologies, usually depending on whether or not backwards compatibility is required by the client.

Shared Core Functionality

Core Functionality is shared between the applications.This method provides effective backwards compatibility and reduces development efforts. That is, the software product can continue to evolve on both platforms at a reduced cost to our client.

Separate Source Copy

In this,Application created on Target platform is by using copy of source application.Therefore both source and target platform applications are completely separate and different. This methodology is generally applied when backwards compatibility is not required, or the client wishes to reduce the up-front development cost of the port.

Benefits of Application Porting

Our clients have experienced the following benefits by port their applications to one or more platforms.

Exposure to a New Market

By porting application to a new platform, our clients have achieved growth in sales by offering their product to a new market segment.

Leverage Existing Code Base

Our clients have realised that utilizing an existing code base offers a quick and cost-effective solution and provides an optimal Return on Investment (ROI).

Improved Client Service

By porting an application to one or more new platforms, our clients are able to improve their services by meeting out the changing need of their customers.